6 Commentary Tracks covering...

Visual Effects
Music Score/Sound Design
Cast and Crew
Film Geeks Unite



Concept Art / Location Comparison
Costume Design Gallery w/ Commentary

Storyboards: The ENTIRE Collection for BROKEN ( 9 Edited Sequences )
Storyboards: Comparison with Final Shots

Rehearsal Comparison with Final Scene
Blocking Action in a Scene w/ Commentary
Evolution of an Action Sequence w/ Commentary
A Director's Best Friend - Finding Your Shot



Head go BOOM: "The Guacamole Gun" w/ Commentary
Recipe: "How to Make a Guacamole Gun"
Mister Tony's Neighborhood: "A Technical Advisor's Job" with Tony Gomez

Special Effects Make-up Breakdown with Megan Graham
Anatomy of Scar
Anatomy of a Tatoo
Anatony of Burnt Eyes
Bonus: Brain Matter Recipe

Anatomy of a Stunt: w/ Commentary
Shotgun Blast
The Dive for Life

Guns, Guns, Guns: "How to Get Pro Looking Guns with Little or No $$$"
The Weapons
Getting Guns to Look Real
Where to Get Them

Tips on Producing an Indie Film: with Jorge F. Rodriguez
Reverse Budgeting
Insurance: Weapons and Stunt Work

Feeding Your Crew
Stunt Work
Production Design
Tips and Tricks
Go Make Your Movie

Being There: The On-Set Experience
12 Behind the Scene Vignettes on the set of BROKEN as we shot it !


Post Production

How to Make DV look like Film! with Alex Ferrari
Why Shoot MiniDV?
Filter Packages for Post
Production Design
Costumes & Color Palette
Color Correction
Shooting 24p: The Camera
Getting the Cameras

Color Correction Lab: The Overview w/ Commentary
Color Correction Comparison with FINAL FOOTAGE

Visual Effects Breakdowns
w/ Commentary from Sean Falcon & Dan Cregan

"Marquez Explosion" w/ Commentary
"Shaking Things Up" w/ Commentary
"Muzzle Fire" w/ Commentary
"Bonnie's Eyes" w/ Commentary
"Matte Painting/Sky Replacement" w/ Commentary
"Knife Throw" w/ Commentary
"Scoping Things Out" w/ Commentary
"Digital Blood Hits" w/ Commentary
"Digital Spark Hits" w/ Commentary

VFX Breakdown: The Title Sequence w/ Alex Ferrari & Dan Cregan

Visual Effects in Indie Film: with Sean Falcon
Pre Production
MiniDV and Compositing
Why Shoot 24p?
1 Chip vs 3 Chip MiniDV Cameras
Practical and Digital Effects
Compositing Before or After Color Correction
MiniDV Blowup to Film
3D Animation in Indie Film
Gun Muzzle Blasts
Compositing: The Details
Digital Matte Painting
Shaking Things Up
Bullet POV
Blowing Up Someone's Head
Where Do I Find Visual Effects Talent for my Film?
I Want to Composite Too...
Where Can I Get Training?
Apple's SHAKE
Doing It Yourself

Cinematography in Indie Film: with Angel Barroeta
Planning BROKEN
Challenges on BROKEN
Tools: The Camera
Tools: The Lights
Tools: Moving the Camera
Shooting: Digital or Film?
Panasonic's DVX100a
Some Advice

Sound Design/Composing in Indie Film: with Mark Roumelis
Original Music in Indie Film
Composing BROKEN
Doing It Yourself
Recording Sound for 24p on DAT: The Sync Issue
Doing Audio Tests


After the Short

The Making of BROKEN
The Origin of BROKEN
First Impressions
Actors: The Rehearsal Process
On-Set Experience
War Stories
The Future: A Feature Film

Marketing: Promoting a Short Film
Promotion: 50% of the Creative Process
Film Festivals and Sundance
The Internet: Even Playing Field
The Trailer

Marketing: Poster Gallery
Alternate Ending w/ Commentary
Art of BROKEN: The Nick Monaco Experience

The BROKEN Shoot: Gag Reel!


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