"B R O K E N has all the visual potency of the likes of The Matrix and Fight Club."
- FilmFocus UK

"4 STARS! "Broken” looks great, sounds great and threatens to put a bullet between your eyes right from the get go."
- Film Threat

"Excellent directing, camerawork, music, production design, and very well edited.
The production value is truly amazing for $8000. The story is intriging and as a viewer you want to know more.
Very nice job, you guys have talent."

- Jonathan Krane (Producer:
Swordfish, Face Off, The General's Daughter, Phenomenon, Look Who's Talking)

"Allow me to introduce you to the next big thing. ...the sweetest indie trailer this side of the Matrix.
They have single handedly taken indie to the next level
. This $8,000 dollar film looks as good as Sin City.
- MoviesOnline CANADA

"Broken rivals the Lord Of The Rings Extended Editions...a how to guide, a budget handbook for budding filmmakers."
- DVD Reviewer UK

"I really dug the style and the visuals, and hope to see something a little LENGTHIER from you in the future.
The next David Fincher perhaps?"
- JoBlo.com

"This short ROCKS!"
- Latino Review

"A+ for AWESOME! A MUST BUY! Hell Yeah!"
- Z Channel Online

A must for anyone intending to make their own low budget action/thriller.
This should be a essential part of any independent filmmaker's library.

- Einsider.com

"The film was made for $8,000 but looks like it a million!"
- Cinema Insomnia.com

"The visuals are dark, disturbing, sleek, and give the film a crisp, cool look. Off the charts!
The kill scenes would make Michael Mann proud!"
- ComicBookBin.com

"B R O K E N packing enough cinematic DY-NO-MITE to completely blow your ass off!
It delivers a skull-shattering array of special effects shots that equals the quality of big budgeted studio flicks!"
- Living Corpse.com

"...reminded me of a mix between The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, and Sin City."
- Cin3ma TV

"It looks like something Quentin Tarantino might have done on his day off when
he was jamming with the Wachowski Brothers."
- Film Guru.net

"...literally overflows with bullets, brains and blood…Sam Raimi would be proud."
- DVD Verdict

"Alex Ferrari, Broken delivers eye-popping special effects photography that, rather than hinder the production,
adds to the viewer’s experience of psychological and physical terror!"
- Pop Syndicate.com

"An effective arsenal of rapid fire thrills!"
-Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton, The Horror Channel

"It's sheer entertainment. Best indie & the most effective indie calling card we've ever seen.
Hell, you could hand these two guys MI: 3 and it might draw me into watch it."
- Need Coffee.com

"...seeing people creating works like this is like a breath of fresh air...

T he people behind BROKEN could probably step up to the major leagues."

- Cleverdonkey.com

"An amazing little head trip!"
- Christopher Null, filmcritic.com

"Broken, an action/sci-fi piece complete with explosions, automatic weapons, & a stylish,
neo-noir look that isn't all that far removed from its main stylistic inspiration, the Matrix trilogy."
-PLAY Magazine

"The film is tightly plotted and the action fast paced. Overall 2 tumbs up!"
- ILMfan.com

"Broken also makes for an excellent resource and lesson for any other aspiring filmmaker out there."

"...shot for a mind-bogglingly small $8,000, which includes over 100 visual effects shots.
Stuff like this must make the Hollywood studios tremble."
- Pixel Surgeon.com

"These guys are responsible for, perhaps, one of the highest quality independent films ever created."
- Entertainmentopia

"Visually, it’s fantastic, with production values as high – if not higher – than anything you will see in more mainstream films.

- Pulp Movies

"Broken is violent, gritty, and entertaining as hell.
- Filmmaking.com

"...a diabolical short."
Image Icon Entertainment

"A slick-looking little short....we might be looking at the next David Fincher in Ferrari."
- Entertain Your Brain

"Quite literally, a lesson in guerilla filmmaking."
- DVD Dude.net

"...sensibilities of a video game and the visual feel of films like SAW and SEVEN.
- Foywonder

"B R O K E N is a quality film! It's the best suspense thriller you never saw."
- World's Greatest Critic.com

"A great achievement in Independent Cinema. It is probably the best short film I've ever seen."
- The Horror Review

"If you're planning on filming your own short movie anytime in the future you'd be well advised to
check out Broken to see how to make a short movie right!"

Dangerous Universe.com

"...undeniably impressive...a slick and glossy twenty minutes of suspense and special effects."
- Spinning Image UK

"Let’s just say that if The Matrix was a darker movie, it would be BROKEN’s bigger brother.
BROKEN definitely represents a victory for low budget cinema."

- Shade.ca

"Amazing little no budget short film. We loved it!
- Hackermovies.com - GERMANY

"Stylish, noirish and edgy, Broken engages from the start"
- Andrew L. Urban - Urbancinefile.com.au

"B R O K E N may have started as a independent project but Hollywood is definitely going to take notice."
- The MovieReporter GERMANY

"B R O K E N is not only stunning visually, but the story is incredibly intense and unbelievably well acted."
- Rogue Cinema

""B R O K E N secludes your mind, ties you down, gives yah a bit of a tickle and then slaps you in the face."

"It's slick with fast paced editing and plenty of style to boot...the trailer flies by and leaves you thirsty for more."
- The Movie Blog

"Check out BROKEN - a short sharp shock to the system."
- Monstersatplay.com

Twenty minutes well spent...this is one of the coolest action films I've seen in a while!"
- Cinema Crazed

"Director Alex Ferrari is confident with the camera – the end product is slick, well edited and very professional.
For a brief no-budget film with amateur actors, I dug B R O K E N quite a bit."
- CHUD.com

"...it brings cool action to the screen, also throws in cool little head twists and mind f@*ks for the ride. BROKEN just blew my mind."
- CAN Magazine

"It looks good and is a new benchmark for other short film makers to aspire to visually."
- Rumour Machine

It´s a brilliant visual film.
- Filmfanzine

" Part David Fincher, part The Matrix...B R O K E N certainly impresses."
Beyond Hollywood.com

"I wanted more. I could not recommend it enough."
- Film Bomb

"Kinda struck me as a cross between the Twilight Zone, Saw, & a Hong Kong action film...really damn impressive for only $8000."
- Horrorchannel.com

"Broken leaves you with a taste of what this company can do, and a desire for more."
- Cinema Blend

"I must say I was honestly blown away, very impressive work....by far one of the slickest short films I've seen in a long while."

"This is a very impressive piece of work. If you like action, check this out. Broken is worth tracking down."
- Blog Critics

"B R O K E N is a slick production: 15 minutes of mayhem with the impossibly low budget of $8,000...bang-up job."
- Film Fodder

"Really everything that a short film film should be."
- Lights Out Films

"...this is a great looking movie."
- Films in Review

"...this is a great looking movie."
- Films in Review

"Broken" is an impressive 'first film' from Alex Ferrari!"
- Crimson Celluloid

"Kudos! Highly Recommended!"
- The Movie Bar

"The Broken DVD also makes for an excellent resource and lesson for any other aspiring filmmaker out there."
- DVD Dude.net

"It really shows what you can accomplish with a little bit of cash and a lot of talent...definitely worth a watch."
- DV Guru.com

"B R O K E N looks like a helluva lot of movie for $8000 bucks."
- GreenCine Daily

    "Take my advice about this film. Be IMPRESSED!"
- Review Guy Online.com

"I recommend viewing BROKEN to anyone interested in high production values / low budget film work. The short is inspiring."
- Film Roar

"This has to be one of the better made action trailers I’ve seen..."
- Movie Poop Shoot

"B R O K E N is a short-but-sweet action fan's fix...you won't have to wait long for the bullets to fly."

"Very impressive...and looked like the effects were done by seasoned pros with a major bankroll behind them."
- Supercalafragalistic.com

"B R O K E N has a slick look that rivals a studio film."
- 7M Pictures

"The production values rival any big-budget film out there."
- Invisibleman Online

"B R O K E N is violent, gritty, and entertaining as hell"
- VFXSoup

"This movie is f-ing awesome and deserves to be played on a big BIG screen."
- REwindvideo.com

"Kick ass trailer! Seriously, for $8K, I want to see more. Very cool!"
- Metacritic.com

"With over 100 visual effects, BROKEN is tour de force."
- Inkietos.com


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